summer traveling


Well …just back from Miami and Swim Week and Europe seems like it was months ago, although I was there last  month at this time.  Capri, such a stunning magical place and THEY DRESS! especially at night, the men in there tight pants, no socks and flashy shoes. The WOMEN! all brightly colored and elegantly put together, my designs fit right in there and are selling at my friends fabulous boutique, Wonderland Capri, such a great excuse to travel there and get filled up with the gorgeous scenery and the sweet and sexy Italian language , so happy and flirty – I love it!!!!  When I am in Capri, I feel chic, sophisticated and an abundance of wealth in so many ways, the bogunvielias! the sea! the villa’s! its overflowing with all this and so much more!

Then it was off to my other favorite destination, Ibiza.  This year spending time with a different group of friends in a “finca”  a beautiful house on a lush property, I did yoga every day outside on a beautiful deck looking over the garden.  Then at Amante Beach Club – we are on a vey rocky beach and out of nowhere appeared two men = we found it afterwards they had swam from a boat just docked off the cove- well I’m looking at the one older guy and saying to my friends “he needs help!” no 0ne is helping him! so I decide to go do what I can and grab him and he can’t walk on these giant rocks and he is grabbing and I am trying to lift him and finally get him in !  So we start to talking  and he is the legendary Tony Pike we hear, and he goes to tellm us the MOST outrageous stories 0f Freddy Mercury and George Micheal to name just  few, and we are thinking BS/// until we googled him!!!!

Can you believe I have never been to the Hippie Market?! OMG I was in heaven! and it was everything you would expect it to be – drinking rose’ and shopping is a favorite of mine! Vincent Ganesha another secret gem in Ibiza = from the outside it is racks of clothing and there is a velvet rope to the inside 0f the boutique and inside you will find an incredible vintage selection ……


And then MIAMI.. I ended up in the Wynwood Arts District because my favorite store Base moved over there – I had been there before during Art Basel a fe years ago – I had so much fun! the walls are all covered with street art and there are fun boutiques and it is hot but ALIVE – South Beach – I guess things have to change – not the same  = but walked all the Shows – saw   couple of fashion shows – it was Swimweek – hung out with some friends and got totally filled up!


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