Festival Fashion, part 1

One of my favorite things is designing festival clothing for my clients and it's part of what drives me as a designer.   I love a challenge.  The first one I really became aware of was Coachella, it was held near my boutique and I seemed to get many of clients asking what they should wear which sparked my creativity.  A beautiful kaftan, vintage or silk, with cowboy boots and denim seemed to be one of the staples of the show.  My then employee and I were trying inspired to do our own Coachella fashion at our local Laguna Beach "Music in the Park".  We had clients and friends in my one of a kind vintage Indian textile dresses, mongolian lamb vests and leather accessories.  One of the few times that I attended Coachella with friends, we all wore different shades of my feather oversized vest. Dressing up together was SO fun, but the wind of the desert was more than we could take and we happily headed home early to our air&bnb  for cocktails and a jacuzzi!

Speaking of feathers, that is a no-no for the Burning Man Festival.  There is a completely different thing going on at this festival.  No, I have not attended, the thought of being trapped anywhere chokes my Sagittarian spirit.  I have been offered to be helicoptered in, and as of yet, have decided not too.  However dressing my clients for it brings SO much enthusiasm and creativity too my mind!  I have done vintage kimonos reworked for both men snd women, headdresses, Game of Throne style fur capes with leather fringe, and sequin tops and dresses. This festival is big on making sure it is left the way it was found (explains the no feathers!). and is unique for my design as the men dress for it as much as the women do.


Recently I attended the Jazz Fest in New Orleans, and, well, as far as the fashion goes, I would give a 1 (sorry NOLA!) these are the serious music lovers and it was absolutely fabulous from that aspect.  I was COMPLETELY overdressed (it happens often) in a sequin top.  Wondering how long it will take until I dress that crowd......

Festival Wear Clothing by Katharine Story


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Sasha U

Your festival clothing is out of this world!

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