Marrakech Magic



I was invited to do show in Ibiza – you know by now – one of my favorite places on the planet ! and I thought to go all that way, lets try visiting a new place beforehand!   So, of course, most every designer and artist I know has a desire to experience Marrakech.  Yves St. Laurent went for a visit many moons ago and ended up buying a house before he went home! He said that Marrakech taught him about color and scent.  I was lucky enough to get to visit his home at Jardin Majorelle, and it was breathtaking – the indigo palace with gardens filled with cacti, lotus blossoms and vines, his ashes are there and it is a sanctuary of calm in he middle of a crazy chaotic city – at least to a California girl!

When I arrived I was greeted by a friends previous guide. and then the beautiful welcoming spirit of my experience of the Moroccan people began.  He walked me through the plaza to the souk (market) and gave me a quick education on what to do and not to – to smile and say “la shookran” (no thank you) and told me he would pick me up to take me to YSL the following AM.  Yes, it was pretty intimidating walking through the market that night alone, although I’m well travel and confident – it was INSANE!  The noise! Smell! the constant “hassling” , really overwhelming and I finally found the restaurant I was looking for – only to have to psych myself up ( a couple glasses of rose helped!) to go back out there and hope fully find my hotel!


My hotel!!!! OMG = a Riad (small palace) a beautiful giant room, filled with mosaic and stained glass. that opened up to a courtyard with a fountain – breakfast by the mosaic tiled pool and courtyard, the sweet soft-spoken staff , that by the way speak French as well (as most Morrocans  do) and the 2000 dh massage ($20) WOW! I felt never to leave and I mean that – something felt like home, maybe all the artisan energy.  And by the end of the trip I realized really what someone means when it is sad that “‘its their culture” the haggling and hustling they do they are born into – no one tried to get money from me for nothing – in fact everyone was more than generous and the hospitality I felt was heartwarming – I was given much more than I paid for.


Excited to do business with them ( I am having some things made for my summer collection and planning a trip back in Spring to learn and experience more!

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