WOWZA! THIS WAS INSANE……it started of course with wanting to create something I couldn’t find – so the clothing first – then the shoot – I researched other yoga lines and looked at their visuals and I couldn’t find anything interesting – I mean it! even the big guys..BORING! – so we started with the concept of “Modern Yogi” what does a modern yogi do, how does he/she look and what is the lifestyle – OMG we came up with some crazy ideas to try to bring a modern edge into this market of kinda I don’t want to sound negative, but almost granola, mellow, bland market – the class that I love, is anything but that – he is hardcore, plays Zeppelin and the Doors, you come out feeling like you just had the best sex in your life (not joking) . With this as my experience, and my inspiration for design, sexy, sweaty, yummy – that’s what I wanted for my shoot. 

so who’s gonna model?

well – I had my eye on one of my teachers and decided to insta text him (ughhh so many ways to communicate I am going crazy checking everything, but that’s another blog) he responded YES! and poof ! I had modeling – this guy defies nature – he can do crazy things with his body and has the tatts and youth that speaks to me of that Modern Yogi –

and the girl – a beautiful professional model I found through an agency I use – I learned a long time ago – its better to hire a pro when it comes to modeling – they know how to move where to look – they are always on for the camera – using a beautiful girl that isn’t experienced usually ends up costing money –  so I got my models, got my creative,  Jim Olarte, and my fave photographer,  Joe Scarnici – who by the way is a Getty agency photographer among other big names.


I was kinda freaking out – I didn’t know what we were doing – are we using props – should we set up a set – what the F are we doing???? So, Jim, as usual, calms my a$$ down and says – lets just get them in front of the camera – Tori our model tall and beautiful was taller than Jacob – Ok hmmmm – orange cart?  We get them dressed in their first outfit – Joe takes ONE shot and shows it to me and we are all blown away – ! What makes chemistry? the magic, the energy two people share for a moment, a day, a lifetime? They had it! Joe was so on – he was like “thats the shot! we got it! ” and that is pretty much how the day continued – they just worked together – and Joe was channeling my inner bad girl and encouraging the sexy out in them – Jacob a rockstar and jumping in and improvising and doing handstands and other crazy things I don’t know the name of.

So tell me what you think!

I would love some feedback – we are having a launch party Dec 2nd – Everything should also be on the site at that time ….. this journey so rich with so many beautiful experiences….pinch me….. and …… the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. …………so ! LOVE BIG.

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