countdown to ROME fashion week 5weeks to go!

So the beginning of this week UGGGHHH … not only Altaroma in Rome, but another show in Florida at Isla Bella Boutique (don’t have to attend this one) and 20 other items to give to my GF Carmela to take to Capri (she teaches yoga there during the summer carmela phillips yoga ) and to Wonderland Capri Boutique to sell ( I will be doing a trunk show there after Rome) soooo….. my opponent (I study Kabbalah) the voice that sabotages and does its best to not only make my game better, but also to see if I really want it – (Kabbalah 101 is if you are playing against someone that is easy – you will never get better ! therefore our ego or opponent , not bad if you don’t let it be!) So I have learned that when that voice shows up and it does not want to go into the studio – I just say – lets go into there and clean up or I get on this machine I have that’s like a race car and just sew like mad – then magically I think the fairy dust starts kicking in and I remember what I want to do and I am so excited to do it!!!! So I had a huge one of those this week – also, the pressure of doing something for Rome because I committed to this blog was a huge motivator for me to get a few things done for that show – it also made me think about what I really will be showing  15 looks that are cohesive as a collection, and also are different enough to show the depth of my work – = here’s my rack so far and I wont be giving it all away just sneak peeks:

So although I am still sewing like mad for Capri and my boutique in Laguna – there is some clarity going forward – I have a great production team and am thankful for that – I seldom remember what I gave her to do = so am always excited and surprised to remember my vision crystalize  when I get things back from her- waiting on fabric from India and embelishments from LA, black sequins on chiffon should be here Monday =- so excited about the next explosion of creativity next week ….STAY TUNED

if you will be in Rome during the week of July 6th please let me know and I will get you a ticket to attend … I also will be showing at my dear friend Alex’s boutique Alex Carelli during this time … she is a fabulous jewelry designer I met in Laguna many moons ago – grateful we stayed in touch as she is the one that connected me with this magical dream of showing in Rome ….yippee –

lets see what next week brings:) happy and safe memorial day weekend XXX

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