Well this year started off with so much rain here in California – none of us knew what to do – one of my friends said, ” if the weathers going to be like this, the rents need to be lowered!” LOL!  For me I went inside, inside my house, my world of solitude, inside myself, looking at shadows and habits and thoughts and deciding what things I am grateful for but choose to release. what things I’m keeping and which parts of my life I want to expand on –
   One of the things I am interested in, is creating new opportunities for collaboration and creative people in my life – not really partnership but in a way yes – the energy of bouncing ideas and concepts off of other people, creating things that haven’t been done, thinking outside the box about my “career” about my life.  I would literally every morning activate this energy into my day knowing it was already here, that it just needed to be revealed.  How do things get revealed? By trusting regardless of what the outside circumstances look like – easy to say….not so easy to do

   Flash forward to my ss19 launch and friendship with Douglas Neill– his idea was an intimate dinner with press, buyers, influencers and other creatives –  we held the dinner at my current home, which itself is something to be seen, bohemian decadence and opulence , we had a Burning Man DJ Michael Saands, an awesome chef Nicki Star who has cooked at many of the top restaurants – a few models, my designs and POOF an unforgettable evening.

What I loved most, of course, was the process, working with Douglas and letting him take the lead in the event.  Although it wasn’t always easy – it was mostly refreshing to have someone have my back and to go through the process of letting go of micromanaging him, and to create a beautiful event with all the crazy unexpected things like the after party arriving before dinner was finished! …the rest remains mostly private….unless you watch my instagram stories!   And here I got to expand – 
stay tuned now for the next expansion as Katharine Story, International Woman of Mystery, or in this case  STYLE! 




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