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Italians ! Omg so fun – so alive – and my experience doing business with them so professional and passionate -the  fitting for the show with Giuseppe organizing the beautiful models so entertaining watching him direct everything with so much passion – models not showing up and having to switch all of them around into other outfits that they weren’t fitted for  at the last minute! Although each model had their own dresser I still missed you Jim! But also had my dear friend Amanda (a super artist-check her out)  there to help and bounce things off during the fitting – so grateful   to have a friend that not only knows my esthetic  but also has my back.  After the 4 hour fitting in a somewhat air conditioned room – I went to get my hair done for the event and received a frantic call from Grazia the event organizer that I had to come immediately back for an interview with Italian TV – running through the Piazza del Popolo with damp hair and heels on in cobblestone  streets and did I mention it was 95 degrees!!!!

The event itself was held in Via Margutta one of the most famous and fashionable streets  in Rome – Picasso and Federico Fellini are just a couple of the famous artisans that lived there – as my show approached I wasn’t really nervous , more of an out of body experience – keeping it all together and with so much help it went pretty seamlessly.

I have not seen the show ! I heard the music go on and and the applause and screaming  – the models moving and singing to the great playlist Laura made especially for the show – opening with California Love by Tupac totally got the show going.  I told the models to have fun and smile ALOT ! And from what Grazia and my other friends in the audience told me, the entire place went crazy !  I get the video next week!  The video I am showing is from my cheerleaders in the front row – thank you Scott and Amanda ! Grazia told me it brought her to tears! So sweet and we are discussing many opportunities for building my brand in Roma! When I have something solid I will let u know!!!!

So….. What a whirlwind  – after parties and sightseeing – meeting new people and considering the opportunities I have been offered and a quick stop in Ibiza to do some business and see my pals and another quicky in Miami for swim week -I’ve really had no time to let everything sink in – for sure the show was a bigger success than I imagined – listening to my intuition and staying true to my art and doing outrageous pieces that made my heart sing was totally the right move – but it was the right move for me – not to get the approval or recognition from outside – it was the right move to be bold in my art and to express what is inside me, to follow my inner voice and stretch myself past the point of comfort, risking that it may have just been an ok show and not a great one – at dinner afterwards with my Mom and friends all used the word “uplifted” and there it is again – proof to me that the Light is working through me and lifting others up even for just 15 minutes – I can only take credit for being willing and having the desire to allow the Light to express through me – grateful and thankful  – crazy great experience and the blogging really an interesting part in this process and I will keep it going weekly in some way as long as someone is interested in reading it xxx

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Katharine Story is a California fashion designer whose signature style, which evokes the bohemian elegance of her native Laguna Beach, has won worldwide acclaim. Favoring timeless, confident beauty over seasonal trends, the label balances bold, hand-dyed color with flowing, unstructured shapes that are ultimately defined by the wearer’s body. Over the years and by way of private showings at her boutiques in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, Story has become a treasured favorite among celebrities and other glitterati. They embrace the label for its power to reflect their confidence, worldliness and exhilaration for life. The Katharine Story brand now appears in trunk shows across the US and in several of the world’s leading fashion boutiques. The label is also a yearly presence at Paris and New York fashion weeks and at the Miami Swim Show. Story’s ready-to-wear collection features lace, chiffon, velvet, sequins and brocades imagined into kaftans and other classically flowing garments. The effect is femininity and sex appeal made only the more exquisite by a sense of intuition and exotic wisdom. Her latest work, while hewing close to her roots, features leather fringe, accents of fur, and oversize, semiprecious stone and metal accessories – a luxurious blend of casbah and beach club, with a smoky hint of goth. Story was born in Laguna Beach to a family of artisans. She spent her 20s in London and worked at Harvey Nichols while selling her own designs at Camden Market. Ever since, travel has been the inspiration for Story’s distinctive work.

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  1. fabulous! thanks so much for letting me enjoy some of the thrills of your fantastic show. And the heartfelt experience of your artistic journey is so beautifully described. All my love and I’m looking forward to watching your dreams come true. You’ve earned and deserve all of it!

  2. Katharine, I love being able to live your dream vicariously through you, you are fabulously talented and deserving of all your success! Thank you for sharing all of this with the world.

  3. Oh, my friend, I am soooooo happy for you. You really do bring light to everyone whom you touch. I cannot wait to see the whole show. I am so excited that you’re going international!!! XOXOXO

  4. I thought I just posted something, but it looks like I didn’t. So to reiterate what I just wrote, yes, you bring light to everyone whom you meet. And it goes without saying that I am so excited to visit Roma at some point and see your name on a storefront! I am so grateful to have met you, dear Katarina. You are heaven embodied. XOXOXO

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