By katharine on 2017-01-07

the only  thing certain is that things will change….

I LOVE this ! I love it about fashion and about life – time to make some changes…move the whites out of the boutique and the fall colors in – Fall is in the air and September always feels like a New Year to me – remember going back to school and getting all new clothing and backpacks and notepads and shoes??!! I love that feeling and always have it this time of year, fresh start, clean up, scrub that suntan off  – I can’t wait to bring my fall collection in! its sitting in my studio dying to be tried on ! I see a party in my future to celebrate the fall collection!

shipping the loved back to life collection to NYC!!!

I did a lower priced collection based on my vintage lace collection…this one is sooooo coool I will be carrying it online and in my boutique as well +STOKED+…also! I have several designs that I have had made in Turkey – they have the artisans to do what I need at a very reasonable cost, and a dear friend of mine is there and is in cahoots with me on this one – love working with her and excited to see what we will manifest- these pieces will also be in my collection for SS17 and honestly I think I blew my own mind (LOL) kinda joking and kinda not…..very happy with what has transpired.

what hasn’t happened

is Rome yet….still awaiting how its going to land and honestly I am handling this one way differently – in the past I have been very persistent and proactive (maybe even annoying, just ask my NYC rep) with something related to my business and getting what I wanted – usually it works out but maybe doesn’t always have the success in it that I had hoped for.  So this time I am really leaving it up to the Light – my thoughts are – if this situation is not for the highest and best for everyone concerned – I really don’t want it – and its so freeing to be in that place of letting go and not controlling it.  Try it! I am doing it in other places in my life and to really know that I probably don’t know whats best for me – what will bring me and others the most fulfillment, joy and love.   My choice is to choose love regardless of what is going on with the people in my life, definitely not always easy and I have slipped off the wagon many times, yet when I stay in that place I have the most peace, and that is how I am interested in being and living.


my new collection of yoga clothes  inspired because there is nothing I want to buy….STAY TUNED, found a fun name for it too  – KYS, kinda is my initials and also means kill youself in urban slang … I don’t mean it to be negative more positive in a just do it edgy kinda way – not into all the airy fairy stuff (? Or am I?) thats the one thats sticking, do you like it?


on closing…..choose LOVE … I challenge you to try it – we are free to think the thoughts we want about what is happening in our lives…if someone or something isn’t going the way you thought you wanted – love it -= see it as a loving gift, see yourself being guided and protected  – believe in LOVE – when you hold this vibration MAGIC HAPPENS!!! XXX



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Katharine Story is a California fashion designer whose signature style, which evokes the bohemian elegance of her native Laguna Beach, has won worldwide acclaim. Favoring timeless, confident beauty over seasonal trends, the label balances bold, hand-dyed color with flowing, unstructured shapes that are ultimately defined by the wearer’s body. Over the years and by way of private showings at her boutiques in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, Story has become a treasured favorite among celebrities and other glitterati. They embrace the label for its power to reflect their confidence, worldliness and exhilaration for life. The Katharine Story brand now appears in trunk shows across the US and in several of the world’s leading fashion boutiques. The label is also a yearly presence at Paris and New York fashion weeks and at the Miami Swim Show. Story’s ready-to-wear collection features lace, chiffon, velvet, sequins and brocades imagined into kaftans and other classically flowing garments. The effect is femininity and sex appeal made only the more exquisite by a sense of intuition and exotic wisdom. Her latest work, while hewing close to her roots, features leather fringe, accents of fur, and oversize, semiprecious stone and metal accessories – a luxurious blend of casbah and beach club, with a smoky hint of goth. Story was born in Laguna Beach to a family of artisans. She spent her 20s in London and worked at Harvey Nichols while selling her own designs at Camden Market. Ever since, travel has been the inspiration for Story’s distinctive work.

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