re-set, re-new, re-create

thoughts on quarantine2020…. Well, I was in full go mode before this started – my year off to a bang – dreaming bigger than ever, adding a gender neutral collection to my existing collection and overall really excited for 2020. A small business owner for over 25 years, if anything had happened it happened to […]


  As some of you know , I am switching to vlogging as opposed to blogging as I find it easier to create better content ! Please like subscribe and give me feedback! What do you want to see more of?!   CLICK HERE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjqSKVuxLapqR4u7bCRtDtA?sub_confirmation=1  


      The business of FASHION !  It was that time again to get some fresh pics….both a fun and stressful time….thankfully I have my team JoeScarnici and Jim Olarte right at my side to bring their expertise-  these shooting days are not glamorous AT ALL! leading up to them is totally stressful! As the designer […]


WOWZA! THIS WAS INSANE……it started of course with wanting to create something I couldn’t find – so the clothing first – then the shoot – I researched other yoga lines and looked at their visuals and I couldn’t find anything interesting – I mean it! even the big guys..BORING! – so we started with the […]


“NYFW” Well, haven’t blogged in a bit – many reasons – really was pushed to get the collection to the showroom in NYC and then there was the sale at the boutique, switching everything from summer to fall, as well as working on my yoga line, I have a mentor who I used to work […]

blog4 to rome fashion week

all events are neutral – we give them the meaning they have for us this is what I thought of when my power went out in my studio – good?bad? what will I choose to have this mean – and honestly I had a smile at first – thinking that it is an opportunity to […]

countdown ROME FW week 3

well after the frantic weekend and getting my previous commitments done…l decided to do some research and see what last years Altaroma looked like … maybe not a good idea, as it sent me into a complete panic! Its the REAL DEAL~ and all I could think was OMG  I’m not good enough for this […]

Rome Fashion week…a diary in getting there. 1 of?

I have 6 weeks until I leave for Rome and show at Altaroma ! I have been fortunate enough to be invited to show as a foreigner – and I couldn’t say no – what an opportunity and even more than that an experience of a life time – so here goes my process, deciding […]