Blue Marlin  close – so fun – ended up in VIP? ! just by magic here is my dear friend Tanya  – she had a house on the island for 20 years and experienced so much there!

Always inspired – mostly as I leave a place it is like stardust that trickles into my spirit  from some unknown place and all the things I have seen start to materialize into how I can use them in my work – my favorite outfit that I do not have a picture of me in = was my black sequin hippants, a see through mesh top and a feather headdress – it was for the close of Space and someone came up to me and said “you ARE Ibiza!” what a compliment !!!! here is my one of my fave traveling pieces – my jumpdress , I have it in many different fabrics and patterns – this is the peacock one-

we were in Calle Conte where the sunsets are insane – everywhere there is drumming and beats – and Cafe Mambo has big DJ’s spinning within arms length – I wore my sequin PP dress with my Ibiza boots…and its about what you DON’T wear at Cala Bassa Beach Club.. my favorite beach on the island …I’ll let you use your imagination on that one….


a quick stop for the end of Fashion Week – I usually work a show here and really missed that interaction – BUT – beautiful, sunny, COLD! coming from the Mediterranean a bit of a “WHAAAA?” moment. did not have the right clothes – but I did have one of my new electric blue fur trimmed mink and leather vest (what a mouthful!) and here I am on the Siene speaking un puex de Francais !

Pretty much wore the same thing both days! But loved walking and getting SO lost in the curvy feminine streets.

As usual – grateful to be home – time to get busy and rock n roll ! Au revoir!  Hasta Luego! Ciao !

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Katharine Story is a California fashion designer whose signature style, which evokes the bohemian elegance of her native Laguna Beach, has won worldwide acclaim. Favoring timeless, confident beauty over seasonal trends, the label balances bold, hand-dyed color with flowing, unstructured shapes that are ultimately defined by the wearer’s body. Over the years and by way of private showings at her boutiques in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, Story has become a treasured favorite among celebrities and other glitterati. They embrace the label for its power to reflect their confidence, worldliness and exhilaration for life. The Katharine Story brand now appears in trunk shows across the US and in several of the world’s leading fashion boutiques. The label is also a yearly presence at Paris and New York fashion weeks and at the Miami Swim Show. Story’s ready-to-wear collection features lace, chiffon, velvet, sequins and brocades imagined into kaftans and other classically flowing garments. The effect is femininity and sex appeal made only the more exquisite by a sense of intuition and exotic wisdom. Her latest work, while hewing close to her roots, features leather fringe, accents of fur, and oversize, semiprecious stone and metal accessories – a luxurious blend of casbah and beach club, with a smoky hint of goth. Story was born in Laguna Beach to a family of artisans. She spent her 20s in London and worked at Harvey Nichols while selling her own designs at Camden Market. Ever since, travel has been the inspiration for Story’s distinctive work.

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