Rome Fashion week…a diary in getting there. 1 of?

IMG_2143I have 6 weeks until I leave for Rome and show at Altaroma ! I have been fortunate enough to be invited to show as a foreigner – and I couldn’t say no – what an opportunity and even more than that an experience of a life time – so here goes my process, deciding to blog about it and wondering if that will help with my clarity and planning.  As an artist, I tend to let things “cook” a bit and then have a creative explosion at the last minute – lets see what happens this show….

So I normally start pooling my inspirational things together – fabric, odds and ends from traveling, photos of looks I love – this show is not so much a selling show, but really a SHOW show – 15 looks and I have decided to go completely wild and over the top -this collection does not have to ever go into my boutique or my ready to wear collection – it can be an expression of my biggest dream of art in fashion.  As I mature in this business, I realize that doing the one of a kind pieces I am known for in my boutiques is truly my passion, the collection I design for other shows, even though I love them and they bring me joy at conception,  tend to dry up after I have looked at them for too long, and in the fashion industry, we are always designing way ahead of the season…crazy industry.

My inspiration and my story for this collection is in the seedling phase. I see the love and freedom of Ibiza and Talitha Getty, along with the class and beauty of Capri.  I see Burning Man  and Native American influences, sequins (always) fur with bikinis, leather, crystals, pom poms.  I see the language of my designs that I speak, with a twist of outrageous.  The way I normally start is to just start! today in the studio and these are the things I put in a pile for my beginning…… first is a floor length fox fur coat, made with the most beautiful colors, including some hot pink and mango orange pieces!!!! I have never seen a hide like this before and was told there are only 4 in the US. Maybe this is the finale? or maybe the entrance ? with a sequin bikini and feathers in her hair?? I can’t go that fast – I love the dream, and yet I don’t need to figure it all out right now, I love the process and really have learned to allow the things in my life to flower to flow, there is so much beauty in the process I want to savior every minute! Theres no rush, I still have 6 weeks (says the artist!)


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Katharine Story is a California fashion designer whose signature style, which evokes the bohemian elegance of her native Laguna Beach, has won worldwide acclaim. Favoring timeless, confident beauty over seasonal trends, the label balances bold, hand-dyed color with flowing, unstructured shapes that are ultimately defined by the wearer’s body. Over the years and by way of private showings at her boutiques in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, Story has become a treasured favorite among celebrities and other glitterati. They embrace the label for its power to reflect their confidence, worldliness and exhilaration for life. The Katharine Story brand now appears in trunk shows across the US and in several of the world’s leading fashion boutiques. The label is also a yearly presence at Paris and New York fashion weeks and at the Miami Swim Show. Story’s ready-to-wear collection features lace, chiffon, velvet, sequins and brocades imagined into kaftans and other classically flowing garments. The effect is femininity and sex appeal made only the more exquisite by a sense of intuition and exotic wisdom. Her latest work, while hewing close to her roots, features leather fringe, accents of fur, and oversize, semiprecious stone and metal accessories – a luxurious blend of casbah and beach club, with a smoky hint of goth. Story was born in Laguna Beach to a family of artisans. She spent her 20s in London and worked at Harvey Nichols while selling her own designs at Camden Market. Ever since, travel has been the inspiration for Story’s distinctive work.

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  1. Congrats Kat and wish Scott and I could “do” Rome with you !!! You are the bomb !! We love you and miss you and are SO excited with your ever wonderful clothing !! Please travel safe !!

  2. Am so excited for you, you will be ready with your fabulous & unique fashion, will be in Laguna the week of June 20, hope to see you, love you♡

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