Have you heard this saying? :

“I know what I know, I know what I don’t know, but I don’t know what I don’t know”

I would love to live this year from a place of learning all the things I don’t know I don’t know.  As I think about how to do that, the first thought is – HOW? how do I open up to all the unlimited things in life that I don’t even know about? All the things in design I haven’t thought about, all the feelings and love that I have never experienced?  So as I have contemplated this the last week or so – its occurring to me that if I let everything go, it might start to be there.  But that is soooo scary – to let go of controlling my little piece of life? Not to be irresponsible – or reckless, just to look at what I routinely do and see  what what happens when I do something different, both in the small ways like going to a different yoga class or with the bigger decisions in life..


I have been trying to get into this show in Paris for YEARS!

and I was accepted to both their show in Paris and NYC – in the past I would do what I do – step my game up, hustle, be crazy getting it all together blah blah blah.  So looking at this and thinking of not knowing what I don’t know – I decided to calm my a$$ down for a minute and look at my notes from the last several years ( I take notes at all the shows so I can remember how they really were) and I see that part of me wants to fool myself into thinking they were great – well, they were great – but were they all a financially smart decision – well = the February show is for the fall/winter 2017 season – which is not my strength – I am a spring/summer designer – long story short – not doing it – and in the fear that comes from making that decision, once I sat with it for a couple days – that opening actually brought new ideas, options, excitement that I didn’t know was there! I am still a little like  HUH? no show? WHAAAA? I will still show at my showroom and its not that big of a deal now that the decision has been made. I’m excited to see whats under there….what don’t I know that I didn’t know I didn’t know – that’s a cool place to be living from and demands much trust and courage and lets get this year on.


So …. to wrap up last year ( I had a blog 1/2 way done that I couldn’t finish in Dec) I am stoked on my boutique…

I had so many great women in this season …. it was a party every weekend, I am really happy with the way the holiday collection came out – I had great trunk show at my friends boutique in Rancho Santa Fe – another group of really amazing people and have generated a fan base there that I am stoked on.   I am anxious and excited about the yoga line – we are ready to rock and roll and that is a show we are looking at = or a possible rep – I am putting together my ideas for the spring/summer in the boutique and I have no idea what I am doing – but I know after doing this so long that it is part of the process – to create something new, I need to be in the unknown. hmmmm well there’s a little Light that went on – so to create a new life, to bring newness into my life, I have to be in the unknown and trust – part of the process of newness is to open to the unknown with trust !  and there is my answer…Wow – thanks blog – this process of blogging – of journaling really opens us up to the answers that lie inside us . so cool.


Wishing everyone a beautiful, abundant, love filled New Year, hope all your dreams come true XXX



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