new season + new mind

well summer is now gone and there is a lovely crispy feel in the air – one of the best times in Laguna – although Laguna is rarely not beautiful….

I stuck close to home this summer and worked closely with my clients visiting on holiday, a beautiful thing to do, for a change.  I found a different side of me staying so put in one place for so long (3 months, long fo me!). Grateful and thankful, its was very healing for me to just be home and enjoy my town and friends.  It made me question the things I value.  It has made me look at age a bit – the question has arisen that if I am going to live another 40 or 50 years , what do I want to do with the rest of this life? It seems as if all the  barriers of what age is are deteriorating , so I can actually do anything – what changes and experiences do I want to manifest going forward?! its exciting and as I hold the vibration of excitement, I see glimpses of new doors opening ! which one will I go through ?……

I had a really fun summer – the ocean so warm I felt like I was in the meditteranean!   I’ve learned many new things about myself,  I’ve learned that what I really love to do most is my one of a kind pieces, that I am more of an artist than anything else, therefore, I am not doing the shows this month, deciding instead to collaborate and do a few projects with other artists, and retailers.  More of this to be revealed later!

My boutique was steady and fun, I had inspiration to go back to throwing parties in my boutique like I used to do at my previous location and Artwalk  (the first Thursday of the month) was a perfect place to begin with a DJ, bartender and a give away and it really was a fantastic response!!! Stay tuned for more of this through the rest of the year!

Creativily I was inspired by my trip to Morroco in Spring –

I did a vlog on it you can see it here.  (MORROCAN ADVENTURE). This inspiration has followed me into fall.  I was so inspired by visiting the YSL Museum in Marrakech and you can see it in my work, frogs, baroque and tapestry patterns, hoods, tassels and more.                                                                                                                         

I have added a shop page to my website.  (SHOP). Everyone knows how difficult it is to order online unless its teeshirts or socks!  We have done our best for now and will be improving it as we go along, (all feedback appreciated!) but for sure I have noticed it is more difficult for clients to get to the boutique. Yes, time is our biggest commodity.  I also do so much on Instagram, not only are there videos of the boutique with clients wearing the pieces, we also have links to the boutique – AND we have an awesome return policy as everything needs to be tried on and I totally get it.

Heading now to Europe and I have to say I cannot wait!  Ibiza and then Paris! Photoshoots lined up in both place!  My Father recently sent me a description on the word “wanderlust” can you guess? 

A  LUST  FOR WANDERING ……. think he nailed me

always big love and all the blessings …choose love and compassion with each other and we can change the world…




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