I had been planning to go to Paris during Fashion Week, to walk a few shows and get some inspiration on, when I received a whats app message from one of my Ibiza pals who lives in London.  She asked me if I was up for an adventure – ME? I very rarely turn down the opportunity to travel, and this trip we were to be staying with her friend and specifically to be there for the opening of her club Jungle Bali.

When I asked her where we will be and where I should stay, I received the invitation to stay with her in the Villa! OK…Whaaaaa? how could I possibly turn this down – AND it worked with my Paris dates, so I thought “I’ll just run up to Paris afterwards” LOL!!! so me. Not realizing I would actually be flying around the world, until my flight attendant pal told me!

Traveling like I do makes the world so small, it distorts reality, makes things feel unlimited and the possibilities endless – its crazy and wonderful, if its something you are longing to do, please do it, there is never a right time, always reasons not to do it, and I had many.  But for some reason, this trip in particular has me on fire now that I am back.  Such a contrast between the two countries.

Luciano played at Jungle Bali -and got the trip off to a fantastic start, riding on the back of motorbikes in our sequin party dresses to avoid the traffic, then to arrive at an open air club surrounded by rice fields. A DREAM!

the trip continued to be magical, going to Nusa Lembongan Island where the water is a beautiful clear green. yummy meals, sexy sweaty nights and and a massage every day.  A big shopping day – we went to Densapar Market – 5 levels of shopping – we bought a traditional head scarf, which are actually for men, we wore them around the rest of the day and the balinese LOVED it ! iso many warm smiles, definetly a culture I could fall in love with, and of course I am looking at creating some biz there in some way, and many opportunities presented themselves, which is exciting to explore!


A soft sweet rain and walking, walking, walking.  I stayed in my favorite area, Le Marais -the Latin district, where there are many small boutiques and art galleries.  I walked to the Seine past the Louvre and into the Tuileries even morning, cold but exhilarating – into my favorite church and caught a mass, the singing as it echoed in the church walls brought tears to my eyes.

I also had some pals there from Laguna and it was great to see some familiar faces and share stories of where to go.. I did walk  the shows – found a few cool things for the boutique, was definitely inspired by some designers, but more inspired by the city, the way fashion expresses itself on the people attending fashion week – a blogger I met called it “fashion monsters”

And now that I’m home -its like I have this big beautiful soup of images, ideas, colors, shapes and experiences that I’m dying to jump into and start pulling out to create a new version of not just my designs, but a new better version of my life, one that represents me more fully.  And I hope to inspire and share this with everyone who would like a spoonful

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