My first time really having a presence in LA – strange, isn’t it? and after hitting many boutiques with my rep to hand out invites, what I realized is although I have many clients from LA, there are not many boutiques that sell the bohemian maximalist style.  Its more of an urban, minimalist style, which I also love, but do not do.  Do I want another boutique?  After having one in LA several years ago on the exclusive Melrose Place, I would say ….. well,  someone once told me ” always say yes, you can say no later” ……..


So I was blessed to have the Sunset Hollywood Villa as my venue ! I wanted informal modeling and my photographer for the buyers event at the beginning of this venture – I thought it would just be buyers and fashion people.  Well then I thought, if the models and the photographer are there at this fabulous location, lets get everyone there early and do shots = get JMO and the team back together!  OK!  And also lets make it a party! Lets invite clients and friends !!! (OMG I am so all about inviting everyone!). so there we went…….

The models….so beautiful and free….the shots mostly for SS18 so you I will just show you a few….the clients? always great… a few surprises. a few oldies and a few newbies….. the buyers? well …. a few great players. a couple high maintenance.  But a wonderful LA type of day and as always my team overly delivered. Stay tuned…….


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