The business of FASHION !  It was that time again to get some fresh pics….both a fun and stressful time….thankfully I have my team JoeScarnici and Jim Olarte right at my side to bring their expertise-  these shooting days are not glamorous AT ALL! leading up to them is totally stressful! As the designer its my job to figure out who the girl is this season,what the mood is and what story I am telling this is where Jim comes in to help me stay on track but also to weed out who she isn’t.   Then the design part that only I can do, making sure have the pieces I want to shoot – and honestly, I always want more -or the collection keeps evolving and changing and I can never seem to keep up with that creative I AM spirit ! Super stoked on the results – here’s some backstage stuff and now its editing the pics and getting them on the site…..#staytuned #fashion




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