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not the easiest of years personally – although the business good – better than other years – started with a bang and my yoga line, which I have decided to discontinue- what I learned was that  its a COMPLETELY different business – success would come in selling quantities as the markup is not as good as my other business, so to sell quantity I needed to be in many stores – or hit a big one, or hire and work the SEO for the site (very costly) none of which  happened. Totally have a thousand ideas and things I want to do with it – I am never lacking ideas – grateful for that, but decided to take that energy and put it in my existing business and it has payed off – I didn’t loose any $ in fact did make some.  I do not like to give up, maybe its a sign of maturity that I am moving on (oh no!)  ? for anyone wanting to start a clothing line, I am more than happy to talk with you and maybe spare you some of the mistakes I have made – however I know for myself, if I have to do it – I HAVE TO DO IT!!!  so I have no regrets, and I never look back as thats not the way I am going!

the wholesale business has so completely changed, to do a show that targets retail boutiques is completely nuts, more-so than ever  – in this retail climate I am not investing in the shows – I have focused more on trunk shows.   Whats great about this is that it is no real cost to the boutique, and as a designer I can bring my full collection – things the buyer may not have ordered.  I had success with that in ’17 and am booking up this year with both boutiques and at the homes of private clients.


2018 here I come!

so inspired to do a new collection and streamline it with the inspiration of a new bohemian?modern bohemian.   I was inspired in many different ways this last year – Marrakech was a huge inspiration with layering and covering, patterns on patterns, I wore my clothes there in a way I haven’t done anywhere else, it felt so feminine, to be that during the day and do Ibiza at night sequin layered on sequins – color on color – taking everything to the next level.  I am traveling this month and am adding to the collection, inspired again by Cher, sequin tube tops hip pants and the hashtag #sophisticatedhippie.

also, I do love sharing my experiences and insights on this blog, I have a challenge taking the time writing/typing ! especially with these nails!!!!! so I have been advised to do a vlog, a video log and the platform I like the most is instagram, if you do not use it -try it!  my vlog will be at least  one video  a day in the story part which goes away in 24 hours unless they are highlighted ( I realize I am speaking latin if you are not on it)  – I have a few highlited stories and the designer diary will specifically have the vlog.  it really doesn’t matter if you like social media or not, it is here and its not going anywhere – for me I love to be able to show a more reliable and authentic view of my process in this business, rather than just the polished pictures and professional shoots – although these are very important as well for my brand. here is the link :


YESSS first trip next week and you will have to follow me on some social to know where ! I will continue to do a blog – but may turn it completely into video – I think I’m better that way and I think self-awareness is GOLDEN 

HAVE A SUPER 2018 – sincerely wishing all the best and please reach out if you have any feedback or I can give back in someway for all the blessings I have received!


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